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Nancy Akhavan is a dynamic and engaging speaker, consultant and author

Nancy has worked with teachers, instructional coaches, principals, district leaders, and staff across the United States. All of her work with districts, schools and teachers begins with a firm commitment to student learning, engagement, and achievement.

Nancy has developed balanced literacy work around The Lit Six.

Nancy’s Newest Books

This is Balanced Literacy, Grades K-6 (Corwin Literacy) First Edition

This is Balanced LiteracyStudents learn to read and write best when their teachers balance literacy instruction. Best-selling authors Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Nancy Akhavan help you strike the right balance of skills and knowledge, reading and writing, small and whole group instruction, and direct and dialogic instruction, so that all students can learn to their maximum potential. Using this essential guide, tap your intuition, collaborate with your peers, and put the research-based strategies embedded within to work in your classroom for a strong and successful balanced literacy program.

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At the Reading Table with Striving Readers: Achieving Equity by Scaffolding Skills and Strategies – Perfect Paperback – December 16, 2019

Striving ReadersWhen teachers are clear in their intentions during small-group instruction, all children can achieve. With this first in a three-book series addressing small-group instruction, Nnancy Akhavan shares the precise instructional scaffolds striving readers need, and helps teachers: Form groups in culturally sensitive ways Activate and build background knowledge Ensure students are reading for most of the small-group minutes Toggle between teaching and assessment during the sessions Use coaching language that develops comprehension and confidence.

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Literacy Instruction for Students Living with Trauma QRG – National Council of Teachers of English Store

Literacy Instruction for Students Living with TraumaWritten and curated by some of the leading authors and voices in literacy education, quick-reference guides (QRGs) are engaging and easy-access tri-fold publications that offer brief, research-based definitions, strategies, tips, activities, and more to address many of the core topics in English and language arts classrooms.

Author(s): Akhavan, Nancy/Scholastic, Inc.

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