Nancy Akhavan

Nancy Akhavan

Nancy Akhavan is a nationally recognized educator, author, and consultant.

She currently is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at California State University, Fresno.  

Nancy is a published author who has written numerous books for teachers and leaders and who presents at conferences across the United States.

She also provides instructional coaching and leadership coaching to school leaders and teachers across the country. She has taught a variety of grade levels and courses including doctoral courses on Educational Leadership.

Guiding Principles for Nancy’s Professional Learning Support


Strength Focused: Nancy starts from the strengths of the teachers, students, leaders and schools she works with and plans growth based on feedback from participants’ needs and desires.

Coaching Focused: Nancy helps teachers and leaders move toward their goals through the best next step approach. She supports each person to move forward by steps, not leaps and bounds, and she builds personal resilience and strength in the process.

Learning Focused: Nancy infuses all opportunities to work with you and your organization with learning focus. She focuses on pausing, reflecting, choosing a goal, and moving forward. She bases her work with you on the continuous learning cycle.

What Nancy Can Provide

Nancy has worked extensively with schools and school districts across the nation. The majority of her work is with teachers and leaders in the following areas:


  • Reading and writing instruction
  • Reading, writing and language workshop instruction
  • English language development
  • Teaching under-served populations
  • Differentiating instruction for struggling readers and writers
  • Content-based literacy
  • Instructional coaching
  • In-classroom instructional coaching for teachers

Leadership and Programs

  • Leadership coaching for executive leadership teams
  • District level and school level program development
  • Program evaluations

Speaking Services

Nancy is  a speaker through Corwin. Mediums include face-to-face, online, virtual support, podcasts and learning modules.

Service types include:

  • Event Presentations
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Workshops
  • Session Leader
  • Coaching for Teachers
  • Coaching for Leadership Teams
  • Online Professional Learning

Districts Nancy has Served

Bismarck Public Schools
California Education Partners
Fruitvale School District
Lindsay School District
Valley Oaks Charter School