Our Focus

Supporting districts and school sites in the improvement of teaching and learning as well as organizational management and leadership. We are focused on the transformation of schools to ensure the learning of ALL students. We provide solutions PK-12 through our team of consultants.

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Our Services

Consulting and Coaching

Educators working on curriculum planning

Supporting districts and schools in the transformation of teaching and learning to equitably address the needs of students. This includes focused literacy coaching and principal and leader coaching.

Nancy Akhavan Educational Consulting employees a team who guide teachers in the implementation of focused instruction in reading and writing instruction, content literacy and English language development. The team also provides leadership coaching for principals and district leaders and professional consulting services for focusing on equity in districts.

We provide the scope and sequence for districts and schools to improve capacity. All implementation plans include district consultation, site-based coaching for principals, instructional coaching, data-driven instructional decision-making, and professional learning.

Professional Development

  • Customized professional development to improve teaching for teachers PK-12 in reading, writing, content area literacy and English language development.
  • Customized professional development for district leaders in organizational development and
  • Leadership, professional development for principals in the implementation of systematic instructional improvements in service of student learning.

Our Products

Innovative Curriculum

Educators working on project planning

We are proud to offer innovative curriculum in reading, writing and English language development to support current district and school site curriculum. The curriculum is designed to accelerate learning for students and reinforce data-driven decision instructional decision-making for teachers.

From books, lessons to an instructional planning model, Nancy Akhavan Educational Consulting offers a variety of resources. Contact our offices for more information. We are here to support your efforts in improving instruction for the purpose of student learning.