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Video – One Idea from The Big Book of Literacy Tasks

Video – Information Trailer for The Big Book of Literacy Tasks

Facebook Live Session with Nancy Akhavan

Nancy discusses How to Release Learning to Students Faster and Easier

ILA 2018 Session

Literacy Tasks Students Do (Not You!)

Handouts For Session

Teach Children Not Programs

Interventions for Classroom Teachers

Recommended Book LIst for HIgh School Reluctant Readers

Tasks: Never do for your students what they can do for themselves!

Accelerating Vocabulary Learning

Accelerating Learning with Focused Vocabulary Instruction

Leadership for English Learners

Working with English Language Learners: How to teach purposeful guide and support your students as they acquire language!

A Leadership Perspective: Changing the Outcome for English Learners


Comprehension Matters

Now What? What To Do After the Mini-Lesson: Effective Assessment and Conferring

Teaching NonFiction Reading: Phenomenal Lessons Across Content Areas