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This is Balanced Literacy, Grades K-6 (Corwin Literacy) First Edition

This is Balanced LiteracyStudents learn to read and write best when their teachers balance literacy instruction. Best-selling authors Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Nancy Akhavan help you strike the right balance of skills and knowledge, reading and writing, small and whole group instruction, and direct and dialogic instruction, so that all students can learn to their maximum potential. Using this essential guide, tap your intuition, collaborate with your peers, and put the research-based strategies embedded within to work in your classroom for a strong and successful balanced literacy program.

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At the Reading Table with Striving Readers: Achieving Equity by Scaffolding Skills and Strategies – Perfect Paperback – December 16, 2019

Striving ReadersWhen teachers are clear in their intentions during small-group instruction, all children can achieve. With this first in a three-book series addressing small-group instruction, Nnancy Akhavan shares the precise instructional scaffolds striving readers need, and helps teachers: Form groups in culturally sensitive ways Activate and build background knowledge Ensure students are reading for most of the small-group minutes Toggle between teaching and assessment during the sessions Use coaching language that develops comprehension and confidence.

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Literacy Instruction for Students Living with Trauma QRG – National Council of Teachers of English Store

Literacy Instruction for Students Living with TraumaWritten and curated by some of the leading authors and voices in literacy education, quick-reference guides (QRGs) are engaging and easy-access tri-fold publications that offer brief, research-based definitions, strategies, tips, activities, and more to address many of the core topics in English and language arts classrooms.

Author(s): Akhavan, Nancy/Scholastic, Inc.

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The Big Book of Literacy Tasks, Grades K-8 – Corwin Press

75 Balanced Literacy Activities Students Do (Not You!)

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Nancy Akhavan Noteworthy Nonfiction Collections

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Nonfiction Now Lesson Bank

What exactly makes 
The Nonfiction NOW Lesson Bank such a stand-out? If you consider the amount of instructional support, that alone is substantial enough to transform your teaching. But Nancy Akhavan happens to be an educator who has performed many roles over her career so she divests in this book just about everything in her professional vault

  • A whole new vision of teaching nonfiction
  • 50 powerhouse lessons
  • A bank of short informational texts
  • Dozens of student  practice activities
  • Graphic organizers for taming textbooks

Accelerated Vocabulary Instruction: Strategies for Closing the Achievement Gap for All Students

Accelerated Vocabulary Instruction by Nancy AkhavanIn Accelerated Vocabulary Instruction Nancy Akhavan provides a comprehensive guide to creating word-rich, print-infused classrooms for developing vocabularies that provide access to the core curriculum. Within powerful units that focus on conceptual vocabulary and span the school year, she presents strategies, graphic organizers, ready-to-use overhead transparencies, individual record sheets, and clear explanations of the current research that show why good instruction is central to students’ word acquisition, which in turn is a major factor in closing the achievement gap and preparing students for future success.

The Content-Rich Reading and Writing Workshop: A Time-Saving Approach for Making the Most of Your Literacy Block

contentrich-reading-writing-workshop“It’s a matter of grave concern that many children do not learn to read or write well by the time they enter high school. However, as we strive to find ways to help them, the answer doesn’t lie in leaving rich content behind. The most sensible course is to find ways to combine effective and purposeful strategy instruction with content studies. By addressing content and strategy instruction together, the self-contained elementary school teacher, or the departmentalized middle school teacher can teach reading and writing through content, keep kids engaged with school by immersing them in interesting material, and create a purposeful, student-centered curriculum. For use with Grades 4-8.” – Order from Amazon

Teaching Reading in a Title I School, K-3

Teaching Reading in a Title I SchoolIn The Title I Teacher’s Guide to Teaching Reading, K-3, Nancy Akhavan, a Title I principal, takes a pragmatic, goal-oriented approach to meeting reading benchmarks. She illustrates instruction that looks beyond the government’s free-lunch label to see exciting possibilities for every child, showing how: reading workshop and units of study can augment or supplement-yet not supplant-a textbook and improve children’s reading; meaningful instructional routines foster good reading habits in students who don’t come from homes with strong models of literacy; strategy-based instruction gives students the tools to move toward independence; careful scaffolding can help English learners raise their achievement; and well-planned, well-sequenced instruction makes it easier for teachers to document their activities for administrators. Purchase through Heinemann or order from Amazon

Teaching Writing in a Title I School, K-3

Teaching Writing in a Title I SchoolYou know the challenges. In your Title I school you have students who are already at risk. Imagine what could happen if you could catch them up, forestall learning issues before they are entrenched, put them on equal footing with their peers. Nancy Akhavan has done it -in school after school. In Teaching Writing in a Title I School she shows you how to craft a rich literacy world where all your students thrive. Purchase through Heinemann or order from Amazon

Help! My Kids Don’t All Speak English: How to Set Up a Language Workshop in Your Linguistically Diverse Classroom

Help! My Kids Don't All Speak EnglishHelp! My Kids Don’t All Speak English offers an exciting new take on English language instruction – the language workshop. Language workshop focuses on the specific language needs of every child, allowing you the flexibility to scaffold instruction by modeling specific uses of language, posing problems and ideas that expand kids’ language skills, and teaching specific thinking strategies. Students will find the guidance and opportunity necessary for acquiring language, learn the structures of discussion and debate, and think through ideas and texts. Nancy Akhavan details how to make language workshop happen in your classroom, sharing frameworks and strategies that help children: share ideas, decisions, and understandings orally and in writing; think critically by analyzing, synthesizing, and comparing texts; acquire and apply the conventions of English; and gain language skills through authentic literacy lessons. Purchase through Heinemann or order from Amazon

How to Align Literacy Instruction, Assessment, and Standards: And Achieve Results You Never Dreamed Possible

Align Literary Instruction, Assessment and StandardsIn this book, Nancy Akhavan details the stories and strategies that enabled her school to move from “under-performing” status to one in which students achieve and teachers have a whole new understanding of targeted instruction, sensitive assessment, and meaningful curriculum. There is much to appreciate in what she says, from her attention to “thinking small” and understanding the power of the details, her emphasis on planning and goal-setting, to the seriousness with which she takes the standards and incorporates them into the life of the classroom. Purchase through Heinemann or order from Amazon